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      Jiangsu Xintai Material Technology Co., Ltd.

      Technology workSpecializes in the production ofelectrolytes mainly used for lithium-ion battery

      Jiangsu Tonze is professionally engaged in the R&D, production and sales of lithium hexafluorophosphate. Since its inception, the company has always been committed to the design and optimization of lithium hexafluoride production process, having set up Suzhou Lithium Battery Materials and New Chemical Materials Technology Research Center and Suzhou Lithium Battery Materials Engineering Technology Research Center. In 2016, the company is constantly strengthening its own R&D investment efforts. At the same time, it signed an agreement on major project industrialization and platform construction with Changzhou University, and established "Jiangsu Xintai-Changzhou University lithium battery materials research institute", to jointly work on the core technology development and industrialization.


      Since its inception, the company has applied more than 20 patents, including nine invention patents, as well as obtained one invention patent and ten licenses of utility model patents which mostly have been successfully applied to the actual production, becoming a strong impetus to the company's product quality and economic development.


      In the next three to five years, the company's primary goal is to continue to further research on lithium hexafluorophosphate products and improve existing processes and devices, so as to produce products of higher purity and better performance with more automated and more energy-efficient production equipment, and to promote the company to break the international technology monopoly and broaden the market space.

      Service Hotline +86-0512-51919161
      Contact Us

      Add: No. 88-2, Haifeng Road, Haiyu Town, Changshu City
      Tel:+86-512-51919161(Office) +86-512-52320561, +86-19551052117(Sales)

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